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If you are selling kids bikes and would like to set up a recommender that recommends them the right size based on the kid's height, like this:

You want to recommend based on the logic like this:

  • 85-95cm -> size 12 inches bike
  • 95-105cm -> size 12 inches or 14 inches
  • ...

1. Custom recommender (More time consuming)

First is to use a custom recommender. Set up a "select input" and then a "Switch result" as the following. In the select input, type in the list of breeds you want to show up, and then in switch result, simply set up the condition to map the breed to a size.

2. General Recommender (Recommended way for this task)

So this task can actually be done extremely easily using the general recommender.

First, prepare a table this this: with size and height:

Then click on the recommender tab, and select "Simple Generic Table Apparel Recommender"

Then make sure "height" is selected for the recommender

Then scroll down, and set the Recommend Logic to "Only within size range". 

Then go to Settings tab, and then you are done with the recommender!