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Let's say you want to create a recommender like this for your pet product like this. It would be incredibly helpful for dog owners to know right away based on their dog's breed.

There are 2 ways to create a recommender like this. We recommend using the general recommender for this specific task.

1. Custom recommender (Most time consuming)

First is to use a custom recommender. Set up a "select input" and then a "Switch result" as the following. In the select input, type in the list of breeds you want to show up, and then in switch result, simply set up the condition to map the breed to a size.

Custom recommender is very flexible and can certainly achieve this dog breed recommender, but if you have more than 30 breeds to use in the dropdown, it will be come extremely time consuming to type in the breeds in the UI and set up the switch conditions.

2. General Recommender (Recommended way for this task)

So this task can actually be done extremely easily using the general recommender.

First, prepare a table this this: with size and breed column.

Then click on the recommender tab, and select "Simple Generic Table Apparel Recommender"

The table you created will automatically be used for the recommender. Select "Breed"

Then in the "Measurement fields settings", set the input type of breed to "Select Dropdown". 

Finally, in the settings tab, uncheck both options as they don't apply to this type of recommender.

And that's it! You should be able to see the dog breed recommender in the preview on the right.

One useful tip if you don't want to actually display the table in the size chart but only use it for recommender, you can "hide" it in table editor settings.