This article will help you install Kiwi Sizing on your Stencil-Based themes with BigCommerce

Product attributes supported for matching:

BigCommerce product attributesKiwi Sizing product matching condition
Product IDProduct ID
SKUProduct SKU
BrandProduct Brand
CategoriesProduct Categories

First Login and access the admin section of your BigCommerce store.

Part 1: Install the Big Commerce App

1. Search for "Kiwi Sizing" on the Big Commerce app store, or visit this app link. Then click Install

2. The first screen you will see is a welcome view. Here we would ask you to sign up for an account on Click on "Go signup" to start the signup process.

3. After you sign up, you will be brought to Kiwi Sizing's main dashboard. Make a note of the shop ID on the top right cornerĀ 

4. Return back to the Big Commerce app. Then click on "I already signed up". Here the next step will ask you to put in the shop ID

5. Click "Continue" then you'll be at the final step of the app's set up!

Now you can follow this guide to get started with creating your first size chart!

Part 2: Product Catalog integration

Add API integration so we have access to product catalog information of your shop. This makes it much easier for you to link size charts to products.

In the Kiwi App, click on "Shop Integration" on the side

Find "Step 2. Add BigCommerce API integration" and click on the button "Add BigCommerce API Key"

Click on Show Instructions to see more details instructions to get the API keys from BigCommerce.

After this is set up, the app will fetch the product information when you are setting up the product matching conditions. For example, the "product select" view will show the products in the store

And other product matching options will show a dropdown with available values from the store

After you have the conditions set up, we will also show an estimate of how many products from the store is matched with the product

Question: I don't see the size chart!

If you don't see the size charts showing up even though product conditions are set up properly, it is most likely because we couldn't inject into the shop. You will need to update the injection selector in app settings. See this guide for support.