NOTE: this guide is only relevant for those who installed the app through Shopify's app store!

Thank you for installing the app! After you first install, you should see the following page. This is the dashboard page

From here, there are various things you can do:

  1. Click on this button to add a new sizing chart.
  2. update the settings to customize the layout and style of the sizing charts.
  3. See all the size charts you have created in this dashboard view.
  4. If you like the app, click on this button to upgrade to premium plan!
  5. Click on this green icon to use our real-time chat. Ask us any questions.

1. Now click on "Add New Size Chart" button

2. If you have size chart in CSV format or already in product description, you can import them. Otherwise, click on "Start with an empty size chart"

3. Now you are on the size chart editor. Put in the name for the size chart. See this guide for a brief overview of the size chart editor.  By default the table editor is open on the right side.

4. Put in the measurements into the table. Like this:

5. Next, click on "close" or click on the left hand side to close the editor.


Next you can customize the text and images in the layout as well. Move the mouse on over the image section, then click on edit.

Upload an image

6. Next, you need to set up the product matching condition so the app knows which products to show for the size chart. The product matching section is on the right hand side.

7. Finally, remember to click save button on top right to save the changes!

That's it! Congratulations on creating your first size chart. You can find out more details about all the feature in other guides.