Note that if you are using the app from the website directly (not via Shopify), the product matching conditions look slightly different. Instead of Shopify specific product properties, we show more generic ones like brand, sku, categories. But the general concept of how product matching are the same!

What is product matching conditions?

The conditions are essentially a set of rules that links the size charts you created to products in your store. We rely on Product Matching Conditions to know which products the size chart should display for. 

When you create a size chart, you will immediately see a "product matching conditions" section right under Name. Any new size charts will have no conditions.

Now, click on "Add new matching condition" button. You will see a menu show up like this:

As you can see, there are different condition types. You can set up rules based on individual products (if you have unique sizing chart on the product level), collections, tags, product vendors and product types.

Q: What is matching ANY and matching ALL?

You can add multiple sizing conditions and there are 2 types of matchings. If you choose "ANY", the size chart will show up on products that match ANY one of the conditions you specified. If you choose "ALL", only products that matches ALL conditions will have the size chart. This allows you to create more complex and flexible conditions.

Q: Can I set negative condition?

Yes. Notice the "is/is not" buttons in the screenshot above. You can use it to create "negative" conditions. Note that negative matching condition only works with ALL matching types.

Q: Can I see what products are matched?

There is a product count estimate text. see the "matched with X products". The app would try to estimate how many products satisfy with the conditions you specified. Please understand that this estimate may not be accurate all the time, especially if your store contains a many products.


  • Each of my product need a different size chart: Select "ANY" condition type. Click on "Add new matching condition" and click on "product", then select the product you want this size chart to attach to.
  • I want to show the same size chart for all the tshirt products: There's a few ways to do this. If all your tshirt products are in a "tshirt" collection, you can simply select that collection as the matching condition. Otherwise, if you tshirt products all have "tshirt" as product tag or product type, then you can use that as the matching condition.
  • I sell shoes from different brands and I want each brand to have different size charts: For this, we'll generally want to use "ALL" condition type. And then you can add 2 conditions: first is product type of "shoes" and then second is "vendor" of different brands. For example, you can have product type of "shoes" and vendor of "nike", then only Nike shoes will have this particulra size chart.

Q: What happens is a product is linked with multiple size charts?

so by default ALL size charts matched with the product will show on the product page, ordered by creation time. If you want to change the order or dictate only which size chart to show, then you can use the size chart priority settings.

Click on the "advaance" tab and you will see the priority section