The size chart editor may seem intimidating at first, but it should actually be quite intuitive and simple once you try it out. The editor is the most powerful part of Kiwi Sizing Chart and it is designed to make it easy for you to manage sizing charts of different measurement units and customize the layout

Lets take a quick look at what's here.  

  1. Basic Info: Add a name (optional). This name is only for internal purposes and will not show up on the product pages. It is useful when you have a lot of sizing charts.
  2. Size Chart Layout Preview: This is the layout preview for your size chart. If you move your mouse over you will be able to "edit", "reorder" or delete these layout blocks.
  3. Size Chart Layout Blocks: This menu shows all the layout blocks you can add to the size chart. For example: "tables, "images & text", or "tabs". Some size layout blocks require paid subscription plans.
  4. Product Matching Condition Tab: This tabs opens the product matching condition section. There you can decide what products this size chart should show up for.
  5. Size Recommender Tab: Set up size recommender on this tab.
  6. Advanced Options Tab: Advanced tab has more advanced settings. Most likely you won't need it. 
  7. Save & update Button: Click the top right button to save!
  8. Example Size Charts: Click on this dropdown to see some example size charts
  9. Preview Button: The preview button will show the pop-up of the size chart.

To go deeper into each specific feature, please refer to the rest of the guides for size chart editors!