NOTE: this guide is only relevant for those who installed the app through Shopify's app store!

There are 2 ways you can tell the app where to display the size chart on the product page.

1. Sizing Injection Selector

This option doesn't require you to touch a single line of code. The Kiwi injection selector specifies the HTML element (by providing the class or ID of the HTML element) on the product page to which the sizing chart would be injected at. By default, when you install the app, we try to inject sizing chart as a pop-up link right above the add-to-cart button

If you wish to display the sizing chart on other places or if the app was not able to install properly, please follow the FAQ guide How to set Sizing injection selector or message us directly for support and we will assist you on setting up the sizing charts at the right place.

2. Kiwi Code Snippet

You can also put a code snippet in your theme's source code to control where the size chart is injected.

See this guide for details: Can I use code snippet instead of injection selectors?