NOTE: this guide is only relevant for those who installed the app through Shopify's app store!

Here we list a few common reasons we have seen on why size chart isn't showing up. If none of them applies then reach out to support and we will help you as soon as possible!

1. Did you set up the product matching conditions properly? 

Double check if you product matching conditions are set and set correctly. 

If you want to check if a particular product in your shop is matched with a size chart, you can use the products list tool. See this guide for details.

2. Is Kiwi product snippet in the theme?

The app relies on some snippets on the product page to correctly inject the size chart. The snippets are usually automatically installed to the theme at install time, but if auto-install fails (rare but happens) OR if you change themes, you'll want to reinstall the snippets.

The easiest way to check if the snippets are present in your theme is right click on the product page, click "View page source",

and see that there should be something like the following at the top of the page source. You should see

Alternatively, you can also check the theme source directly and see if the file KiwiSizing.liquid exists. 

The fix for this is very simple, you can reinstall them easily following this guide.

3. Shopify theme (i.e. Turbo) does not do full page refresh during page transition?

If the size chart loads if you refresh the page but not when you click from another page, then it's likely an issue with your theme settings.

Most Shopify app, including ours require full page refresh in order to obtain the necessary product information and render the size charts on the product page. Some special themes (i..e Turbo or Streamline) have special settings that does not do full page refresh and our app will not work properly.

In order to fix this, you would need to turn off such settings or reach out to your theme support.

For Turbo theme, go to the theme settings and change page transition from Ludicrous to Sport.

4. Your theme's background is black

If you shop's background is black then the size chart might be there but you just can't see it! The default text color is black and you can change it in settings:

Go to Settings > click on modal tab

Scroll down until you see Modal styles

5. You're previewing on an unpublished theme

So by default our app requires certain code snippets in your theme in order to display size charts. Those scripts are only automatically installed to published theme, so when you previewing an unpublished theme, you may not see our size charts showing.

To fix that issue, see this guide:

If all the above are correct but sizing charts still aren't showing, please send us a message and we can take a look for you!