For context, Kiwi automatically displays sizing charts on your product page, and we display the right sizing chart that matches the particular product being viewed. 


If you want to create a stand alone page where you display all the sizing charts on your website, you would need to use the embed code. 


1. Click on any sizing chart you wish to display on your page, click on the "More actions" button on the top and click on "Get Embed size chart snippet" option. The help window would show the embed code for this specific sizing chart. Note that this is not the same code Kiwi installs on your product page. This code will only display the specific sizing chart you're looking at.


Make sure you are choose the right options here!

2. Add the snippet to your store

[For Shopify stores]

On your Shopify page editor, click on "Show HTML" to paste the embed code.



[For non-Shopify stores]

You will want to add the snippet on the page you want to show the size charts. Additionally, you may also need to add the Javascript for our plugin if they are not present. (see this for more details on the script)

<!-- KiwiSizing v1.0.0 Integration !-->
!function(t,n,s,e,i){function r(t){try{var s="; "+n.cookie,e=s.split("; "+t+"=");if(2==e.length)return e.pop().split(";").shift()}catch(i){}return null}t[i]=t[i]||{},t[i]._queue=[];const o="on setShopID setUserID setUserEmail setLanguage loadSizing".split(" ");for(var a=0;a<o.length;a++){const c=o[a];t[i][c]=function(){var;return n.unshift(c),t[i]._queue.push(n),t[i]}}const l=r("_ks_scriptVersion")||t.ks_version||"";var u=n.createElement(s);n=n.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],u.async=1,void 0!==t.ks_load_async&&(u.async=t.ks_load_async),u.src=e+"?v="+l,"ks-integration",n.parentNode.insertBefore(u,n)}(window,document,"script","","ks");
<!-- End KiwiSizing Integration !-->

productData: {},
options: {},